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 Job Title:

Budget Analyst

 Employer Name:   SilverXis, Inc.   Work Location County: 305 Cimarron Trial - Suite 100, IRVING, TX 75063
 Other Work Locations:   Various unanticipated locations throughout the U.S.
 Job Duties:
  • Act as an advisor to department managers in formulating their budget submissions and review proposed budget submissions from department managers for accuracy and completeness.
  • Propose enhancements to the budget model and Examine capital budget requests and issue recommendations to the approval committee.
  • Create a consolidated budget version for management approval and propagate the approved budget throughout the organization and explain issues as requested.
  • Compare actual to budgeted results at the end of each reporting period, and report on significant variances.
  • Update the budget model as requested to account for significant changes in the business environment. Maintain the budgeting policies and procedures manual.
  • Develops expenditures and revenue forecasts, prepares baseline budget and revisions as needed, analyzes, evaluates and processes budget proposals reconciles appropriation by source of funding, prepares and processes transfer of budget allotments. Seek new ways to improve efficiency and increase profits.
  • Reviews, analyzes, and recommends to management organizational policy and procedures for department operations, participates in the development of new or revised programs, systems, procedures, and methods of operations.
  • Analyzes and evaluates requests from department personnel for changes in budget allocations throughout the fiscal year in such areas as staffing levels, facilities, systems, and equipment coordinates and consults with other department personnel and other departments; makes recommendations and obtains final approval for changes.
  • Prepares narrative, graphical and statistical reports with alternative solutions for resolving issues; uses computer software to develop and maintain databases and spreadsheets and prepares correspondence and other written materials.
  • Evaluate the relationships between major program changes and the financial status of organizations.
  • Ensure there are adequate funds for programs within the organization.
  • Employ cost-benefit analysis to review financial requests, assess program tradeoffs, and explore alternative funding methods.
  • Provide financial advice to management officials and efficiently allocate limited financial resources.
  • Examine past budgets and Estimate future financial needs. Consolidate individual departmental budgets into operating and capital budget summaries.
  • ¬†Evaluate the performance of a program and adjust funding if necessary and draft budget-related legislation and Conduct training regarding budget procedures.
  • Perform cost-benefits analyses to compare operating programs, review financial requests, and explore alternative financing methods.
  • Interpret budget directives and establish policies for carrying out directives.
  • Compile and analyze accounting records and other data to determine the financial resources required to implement a program.


Please apply to:

SilverXis, Inc
Krunal Thakkar
305 Cimarron Trial - Suite 100, IRVING, TX 75063