SilverXis Inc. is an international information technology consulting company head quartered in Dallas, Texas. We can identify real costs and model the projects around value-based priorities for your organization.

We Deliver- Talent, Solution & Satisfaction:

Since 2005, SilverXis has been providing consulting & technology solutions for government and commercial organizations throughout North America by supplying consulting/implementation services and contract professionals on On-Demand & immediate-need basis.

Our commitment to our clients honors long-term value over short-term gain. At SilverXis, our emphasis is on understanding the business domain and needs before contemplating strategy, process, technology or solution. We apply our industry knowledge & technological expertise along with a pragmatic approach- what works best for you? At SilverXis our yardstick to measure our success is your Peace of mind & a nod acknowledging our extra- ordinary service.

Our Professional services are aimed at complementing the core strengths of your organization, to gain the hidden value, which can be realized by reinventing the whole process or simply tweaking a fraction/part of a process. Whatever may be your challenge, solving a problem in a completely innovative manner, or need for competitive advantage with existing & new applications, SilverXis expertise can be a key ingredient in realizing value.

SilverXis exists to help our clients achieve their business objectives by carefully listening to their needs and intelligently working with them to deliver fast, measurable results.